Ideal Menus is a group of marketing experts who provide restaurants with the innovative advertising concepts, sleek attention-grabbing artwork, and technological advantages of their larger competitors at an affordable rate.


Menu Engineering & Consultation

Web Design

Online Ordering

Social Marketing

  • Offers 24/7 Advertising Of Your Business For A Reasonable Price

Ideal Menus provides clients with well-branded, visually-stunning, and easy to navigate websites, search engine optimized to enhance your restaurant’s visibility online. Our websites can also be built as mobile-friendly, providing customers with access to your site through multiple channels.

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  • Offers 24/7 Advertising Of Your Business For A Reasonable Price

Consumers have spoken, and online ordering isn't the future of the take-out and delivery business: it's the present. Studies have shown that online orders are typically 20% larger than phone sales. Restaurants benefit not just from increased sales, but because it provides easy to process, accurate orders and increased productivity. Customers enjoy it because it’s quick, remembers past orders, and allows a more relaxed ordering experience.

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  • Offers 24/7 Advertising Of Your Business For A Reasonable Price

Ideal Media’s Social Marketing Package includes search engine optimization on each of its custom-built websites, listings on Google, Yelp, and Bing.

The social marketing package also includes registration for your business on Yelp, Google Places, and Facebook.

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  • Offers 24/7 Advertising Of Your Business For A Reasonable Price

Our team will work to develop sleek, attractive menus we are confident will catch the attention of new customers and keep your regulars coming back. We offer custom take-out, delivery, and sit-down menus in a variety of different sizes and formats.

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Accelerate Your Profits With
Online Ordering by Ideal Menus

  • Online orders are typically 33% larger than phone orders
  • Customers enjoy a more relaxed and accurate ordering experience
  • Cuts back on phone calls so staff can focus on serving others
  • Other online ordering portals charge commissions. Ideal Menus offers a flat-rate monthly cost solution that helps you keep more of the money you make!

Online Ordering by Ideal Menus is included in all of our Package deals, and can be purchased separately for $69 per month

(Includes set-up and installation)


5,000 11x17 Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) menus, EDDM consultation and set-up, 5 pg. HTML website, online ordering menu set-up, and more.


10,000 11x17 Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) menus, EDDM consultation and set-up, 5 pg. Wordpress website with Mobile counterpart, 1 e-mail blast, online ordering menu set-up, social marketing package, and more.


25,000 11x17 Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) menus with custom photography, up to 10 pg. Wordpress website with Mobile counterpart, 2 e-mail blasts, online ordering menu set-up, social marketing package, and more.

All packages include $69.00 per month online ordering


The U.S. restaurant take-out business generates about $70 billion a year in sales, and online ordering, driven by the demands of customers, continues to rise in popularity. Online ordering gives customers a convenient way to place pick-up or delivery orders, and helps restaurants increase sales, as well as cut back on phone calls during peak hours.Learn more.

As your sales grow, you keep more of your money. Online ordering portals, similar to shopping malls, host many restaurants on a single site, and charge restaurants a hefty commission (12% - 22%) on every order they process. These sites have become popular with consumers, and many restaurants view them as an easy and low-risk solution to capturing online ordering business, considered by many to be a "new revenue stream."

Another advantage a restaurant has by managing their own online ordering is how quickly they get paid. Most web portals handle customer payments themselves, and issue checks only once a month, which can put serious pressure on managing cash flow. Orders placed directly on a restaurant’s own online ordering system through Ideal Menus gets them paid as quickly as a call-in order, through an online payment gateway that conveniently deposits the payment into the restaurant’s account, or by collecting cash at time of pickup or delivery.

Yes. When it comes to online ordering, a restaurant can have its cake and eat it too by maintaining a presence on web portals, as well as offering their own system through Ideal Menus, which gives their customers the convenience of ordering online without the middleman.

Unlike other online ordering portals, which institute delayed payment policies, business operators who choose Online Ordering by Ideal Menus can access the money they earn immediately.

No problem. Orders can be received via a tablet or smartphone via our dashboard solution.

Our online ordering can be up and running in 5-7 business days.

Yes. All you would need to do is include a link to your online ordering page on the website.

Yes, payments are received and processed by you directly. There are no additional delays.

Yes. Online ordering customers have 24/7 administrative access to their sites, and can update prices, coupons, discounts, and specials whenever they’d like.

For the technologically sheepish, all Ideal Menus online ordering packages include ongoing technical support and free lifetime updates.

No. There’s no contract, and you can cancel at any time.

HTML websites are easier to design, but updates require a programmer. WordPress websites can be updated by the restaurant.

Mobile-friendly websites provide access to your website through multiple channels, and are easier to navigate on smartphones and tablets, so commuters can place their orders during their travel time and have it ready for them when they arrive.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving the visibility of a website on organic (“natural” or unpaid) search engine result pages. The SEO staff at Ideal Menus has mastered the art of incorporating search engine-friendly elements into our websites, so that hungry people in your area who are searching for food online will find your restaurant right away, which gives you an edge over the competition.

Additional SEO services are available.

EDDM gives businesses the opportunity to reach out to potential customers in their area by utilizing the U.S. Postal Service. There’s no need for any expensive lists or costly postage permits. On EDDM, you can map out a target area, use demographic data (i.e. age, household income, and size) to select a delivery route, and choose a mailing drop off date.