Online Ordering


Consumers have spoken, and online ordering isn't the future of the take-out and delivery business: it's the present. Studies have shown that online orders are typically 20% larger than phone sales. Restaurants benefit not just from increased sales, but because it provides easy to process, accurate orders and increased productivity. Customers enjoy it because it’s quick, remembers past orders, and allows a more relaxed ordering experience.

However, unlike web portals, which charge a hefty commision (7% - 22%), Ideal Menus offers a flat-rate, no contract, commission-free solution, regardless of the volume of orders a restaurant receives. For example, a restaurant that has online sales of just $2,000 per month, on average, would save a thousand dollars per year capturing those sales on their own system through Ideal Menus rather than an online portal.

Online portals also institute a delay in providing funds from online orders made to your business through their site. With Ideal Menus, you can access your money right away.

Online Ordering by Ideal Menus also provides clients with access to customer contact information (name, phone, e-mail, address, etc.) for future marketing campaigns. Ideal Menus offers a variety of e-mail marketing options, if you prefer.

Set-up includes new online ordering program featuring your menu, connection through your restaurant’s operating system, and three free months of web hosting. There’s no commitment to sign, and you can cancel at any time.